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Part 3: Persona Development and Content Mapping

All marketers know it is important to understand WHO your customers are. At first blush, one might assume we are looking at characteristics such as age, gender, race, and/or income level. But we are not referring to demographics here, we are referring to psychographics, the term used to describe segmenting your customers by lifestyle, personality, motives and attitudes. Identifying your customers by developing psychographic personas for each segment will enable us to create content specifically tailored to that segment, which will be more effective, impactful and memorable.

We will develop one persona for each distinct customer group, each group should have different buying cycles, and that will be the factor that separates them.


Create the engagement cycle

The engagement cycle is a defined process your audience members go through as you help them increasingly engage with your brand. You use it to map content to both sales and a consumer engagement process to help deliver the right conversation at the right time.

What is the customer context? Just as in real life when you meet someone, determining what you want to say to a persona is a combination of two things: part 1 Content: What do you want to say?  and part 2 Context: What is the best time and place to start the conversation?