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Part 4: Your Brand Story

Our next step is to determine your pillars of content, the anchors of your brand, the stories you want to tell. The tricky part for many companies is determining how to develop these stories in the first place. By answering the series of questions below, you will be giving us the details we need in order to craft impactful brand stories that resonate with your target audiences.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for developing your brand’s stories, but classic storytelling structure is a helpful map that can guide us. In Managing Content Marketing, we adapted Christopher Volger’s hero’s journey into 10 steps for developing your content marketing brand journey.

Please note that this is a framework rather than a “to do” list or template. The structure is meant to help us develop a way to TELL the story or maybe to discover what is missing from the existing story. It’s not a TEMPLATE for the story. This is an important distinction because your story will be unique to you, your brand, and the experience we are trying to create for your audience.

The conventional market

The challenge

The rejection of the challenge

The appointment of the sage

Crossing the unfamiliar

Map the road of challenges

The final challenge

Looking back

The final renewal