Nuviva wanted a way to show potential clients its economic value comparedĀ its competitors, so we created this life-cycle cost and customer value model. Customers are willing to pay more for products and services that have an economic value, or those that save them money. To determine Nuviva’s economic value, we first determined its life-cycle cost, which is the overall cost of purchasing, owning and disposing of a product or service.

Nuviva’s Life-Cycle Cost = Registration Cost + Weekly Visit Cost

We then needed to calculate the life-cycle cost for two of Nuviva’s biggest competitor’s. The difference in the two product’s life-cycle costs is Nuviva’s economic value. By showing potential clients the economic value in choosing Nuviva versus its competitors, Nuviva is able to visually convey its economic benefit in a way that customers can relate to.

Nuviva’s Economic Value = Competing Brand’s Life-Cycle Cost – Nuviva’s Life-Cycle Cost

Nuviva customers enjoy an economic value of $490 versus Jay J Garcia and an economic value of $95 versus MEDI. Nuviva’s supplements are included in the price of weekly visits.